that one time.

sometimes when you've never really seen any of the harry potter movies
you cram them all in the space of 4 days
before the last and final one comes out.
(but with the help of some professionals of course.)
and sometimes you start thinking in a british accent
because you've been exposed to it so much over an extended period of time.

sometimes after a day already chock-full of 3 movies and some harry potter scene it 
you stop at macey's to grab treats before you head to the movie theater at midnight.
and sometimes it's necessary to purchase a mountain dew.
sometimes you dress up and you feel awesome meeting the huge group there,
but sometimes you're the one on a date and you perfer it that way.
and sometimes you attend your first midnight premiere and it just is exciting to be there,
sometimes when ron and hermione finally kiss, you cheer and cheer
because you've been waiting for it all week.
and sometimes the end is just epic and you are so glad you've been converted.
sometimes you decide to stop at ihop afterward, for a bite to eat
even though it's the middle of the night.
and sometimes when you finally get home you decide to just stay up and watch the sunrise
because it already is.
sometimes you prepare for a day full of good attitude and chores
because sometimes thats what it's gonna take.

but sometimes,
it's worth it.

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