the throw down.

am i sad i won't be there with the team all week? yes.
am i glad i get to design my own runs, save $200,
     and still have my days to get stuff done? very.

alright. so here's the schedule for this week:

monday: finish the last little bit of dad's marathon with him. distance: 3 miles.
tuesday: run the face of our mountains, provo canyon to cedar hills. distance: 7.5 miles.
wednesday: in provo canyon, up to bridal veil falls and back. distance: 8 miles.
thursday: from the mountains to the lake and then some more. distance: 5.5 miles.
friday: something faster. distance: 3.1 miles.
saturday: fundraiser. distance: 0 miles?

& i'm feelin' pretty good.

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