i am in desperate need for money. why?

a) remodeling a bedroom isn't cheap. but luckily vintage things can be found at stores similar to savers, Ross, and D.I.
b) cross country camp is next week. am i going? don't ask me. i don't know the answer at this point.
c) junior year is approaching. school=new clothes. and if i want them to be nice, i have to pay the difference.
d) i am in need of some new running shorts to go with my snazzy new running shoes.
e) soon (hopefully!) i will have to pay for gasoline for a vehicle.
f) and maybe some cool seat covers for that vehicle too.
g) a hair cut is way past due.
h) so has been a new pair of shades.
i) selena is coming in concert and i want to attend.
j) if i get asked to homecoming, i get to buy a dress!

it's times like these that i wish i had a job.

but.. i am putting in some effort to make my situation brighter.

today i became $10 short of being broke. or in other words, i got $10 handed to me. 
for something that has been dormant under my bed for approximately 4 years. take a gander.

if you have ever sold something on ksl.com congratulations.
if you havn't, you should.  it's a great feeling.

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