i know i can, i knew i could.

those summer nights when a timed froot loop run
turns into
a two hour motivational speaking session between my brother and mother
about theories of life in all aspects, from societal to the individual.
makes me want to maximize my potential
and use every single day to

what a beautiful, beautiful concept--
the ability to progress.
it's God given.
we begin as a tiny mass of cells
with the potential to become great creators.
as human beings with spiritual souls,
we are able to
overcome the impossible,
reach the unimaginable,
and prosper in circumstances
we never could have designed ourselves.

but that's the beauty in His master piece.
He pulls us to new heights,
He stretches us to further destinations

with one simple request:

inquire with the belief that He will,
and He will.
only because He loves us, there's no other reason
than to have all of us here,
only so we can make it back to Him 
and become like Him.
there's got to be some eternal law
that states you can't be a great creator
unless you prove yourself through a test.
and so that's why we're here.
to prove that 
we can.
and then on one eternal measure of time we can look back 
and say
we knew
we could.

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  1. Love this Nicole. You inspire me like none other.