i've loved this place. 
i've fallen in all different kinds of love with every person i've associated with.
i truly have loved the life i've lived up to this point.
and even saying that, i feel like the word love is an understatement.

but as much as i have grown through every day during these (just shy of) 19 years
it's true that there's nothing more to gain here.
experience has culminated.
i gave adolescence all i had;
i've lived it to the fullest.
love and gratitude burst at its seams.

but now it's time--
time to take the necessary step 
time to jump this gap
time to keep moving forward.

with all due respect and regards 
to the life i've lived to the people i've lived it with,

i'm ready for new adventures.

progression is where i'm heading
and i can't find it here,
i'm too comfortable.

"there's no growth in the comfort zone
and there is no comfort in the growth zone."

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