summer love.

every girl wants a cute love story written in her summer.
for me, there was no male involved, but merely other things.

my summer loves of 2011:

crossing items off of this summer bucket list.
the board game of ticket to ride (roasted my family the other day with a whopping final score of 158)
harry potter.
the summer of the brothers.
missions and missionaries.
of course, blogging. being apart of the blogosphere.
being friends with the sister.
taking photos. editing photos.
summer seminary.
assisting a wedding with a pro-photographer
visiting kim
new room. fresh paint. vintage look.
getting back into running
taking naps on my backyard swing
fixing myself a dish of icecream then enjoy eating it
thunder storms
new owl city music, seeing adam perform it live
finishing some of my dad's races with him
sick running shoes
young women leaders
sunshine & heat
local corn


  1. i think this large "T" is a code word for a boys name...

  2. hahahahaha thats what we've been callin' him, but good guess lexi.. i wish ;)