antique stories.

 real in the flesh-- flapper shoes, obviously i'm obsessed.

a mirror similar to this for my bedroom? 

printed in 1927.

a glorified D.I. but for only the real stuff.

 i like the above word.

 candy to my eyes. this kind of stuff is priceless, literally. you can't pay any amount of money to make something be 100 years old.

found this work of art right before we left, and we coudln't help but buy it. the lace and bead work is breathtaking.

i wish this dress could tell me it's story. 
i wish all antiques could tell me where they've been and what they've been through.
i wish barely standing, old buildings could tell me what they've seen.
and i wish i could hear the stories that my great grandma, adriana, could tell.
she was born in the year 1900, and died in the year 2001.
she grew up along with the world, along with america.
she made the voyage across the atlantic, from the netherlands to america, 
when she was just 16 years old. 
at least i knew her during the early years of my life. 
i can't wait to meet her again. and then we can chat for eternity.

(starting with the baby and going counter-clockwise)
Nicole Tucker, me.
Lisa Johansen Tucker, mother.
Ruth Aldous Johansen, grandmother.
Adriana Janse Aldous, great-grandmother.
photo taken in 1995

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