random facts.

yesterday i wrote a letter to my future self.

every day when i am sitting in my room staring at my wall i think:
"man, i just really love that color".
the older you get the more formal greetings you encounter.
i have two babies: my nikon & my hyundai elantra.

one of my mom and i's favorite pastimes is looking on pinterest and laughing out loud.

i confess to having a crush on every animated male disney character.

my cat has mood swings like a 13 year old girl.
maybe it's because we never call him by the same name.
i thoroughly enjoy playing words with friends. even though i don't have a device that does.
i refer to the men on american currency and the founding fathers on a first name basis.

yes, i do wear my watch on the inside of my wrist. always. it's a runner thing.

i like my hair longer than shorter.

this is my favorite song today.

that is me in my front yard.  because this weather is amazing :)

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    1. Yes i to always wear my watch on the inside of my wrist