all in favor.

there's something unique about being a runner. it's like you're apart of this special group.  you know a secret the rest of the world doesn't.  something you can only know if you put yourself through the enduring pain and ultimate test of mental strength.

that's what i do every day. 
some people dance for the whole high school to see, some people put on a helmet and pads and tackle opponents, some people perform dramas on stage, while others are elected by the student body to represent it. 

what do i do?

i don't just put one foot in front of the other.
but i do it in the blazing heat. i do it in freezing temperatures.  i do it long. i do it fast. i do it repeatedly.  i do it when i have a million other things to do.  i do it even when it's the one thing on earth that i do not want to do in that moment.  but i still do it. and with determination and favorness. 

it's too bad the whole school doesn't get to see what i do,
like it does the others that are more visible. 
maybe then it could impress; i could possibly be considered "cool". 

but then this is only a single aspect. 
think of all the others i, myself, can not see.

in reality, every person that walks the halls of a highschool has something "cool" about them.  everybody retains something that is impressive. 
so really why are there "popular" people and "maybe not as popular" people? answer: because "coolness" is only visible to the majority of a highschool in certain cases. 
if so, why not treat everybody according to the standards of the "coolness" they deserve?  because it is there,
sometimes it's just hidden and we have to look harder to see it.

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