september is kind.

there is excitement in the air.
there is hope on the horizon.
it's september.
out of the twelve months,
 this one wins the race.
and by land slide.
i have my fondest memories at this time of year.
and i'm not quite sure exactly why.
maybe it's the way the light hits the the land and sets it a blaze.
maybe it's the freshness of the school year that is still in tact.
maybe it's being at all those football games.
maybe it's because i am racing.
maybe it's becoming one year older.
maybe it's due to the memories of septembers past.
maybe it's because this is the time when we always seem to re-connect.
maybe it's the feeling of light being an abundance.
what ever it is.
this time radiates joy.
it brings me happiness.

september is always kind to me.

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