For me, there are many things that bring a peace of mind and make me feel inspired.  There are various items I could consider my rainmaker.
The number one thing that inspires me most is photography; capturing light in a unique way to create an image that causes emotion.  When I am somewhere with my Nikon around my neck and the golden light catches the scene perfectly, I am at one with myself.   The sound created by the flip of the shutter is like music to my ears. It gratifies my eardrums tremendously.  The moment is preserved and I feel complete.
During instants like this, or even anything that gets me thinking on a deeper level, I write down a thought or two.   I strive to convey my feelings in a unique way of words.  Or when other pieces of writing catch my lyrical eye,
I remember them and write them down also. 

There is one place where these items converge.  It’s my blog site; which is titled the same as this paper.  It’s here that I post photos I take, ideas I write, or other’s creations that I love.  It’s where I connect with the language of my soul.  Expressing my personal thoughts really helps me to analyze myself and the situations I’m in.  It provides a peace of mind and a clarity that sometimes I fall back on.

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