from sixteen to seventeen.

16 reasons why i loved the past year:
  1. being able to date (of course)
  2. getting my drivers license (even if it took forever)
  3. going on choir tour and 2 cali trips total
  4. driving my own car around
  5. coming to high school as a sophomore and dating the senior captain of the football team
  6. starting this blog
  7. getting more photography business-assisting a wedding
  8. summer of the brothers. missionary brothers. one return. one leaving.
  9. learning to love to read and write
  10. completing my summer bucket list
  11. looking forward to and going to that concert
  12. being converted to Harry Potter
  13. making new best friends
  14. keeping in touch and continuing the tradition with the original best friends
  15. coming back to running. realizing i'm in for life
  16. learning more about myself

17 goals for the next coming year:
  1. pass AP calculus test
  2. pass AP US history test
  3. recieve my first kiss
  4. attend the biggest party of my life (choir tour)
  5. go to all the school dances, make each one a blast
  6. earn my honor bee
  7. continue photo business-get in some big shoots
  8. run a 1/2 marathon
  9. take the ACT (multiple times)
  10. complete my junior year with a GPA of 4.0
  11. take some of my favorite photos yet (people and personal ones)
  12. get a PR in one of my XC races
  13. finish reading Harry Potter series
  14. finish writing my Junior Year novel
  15. Find a path for college start applying for scholarships
  16. serve people daily
  17. learn more about myself

livin' the dream

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