in honor of.

in honor of
honey banana sandwiches
hearing adam young for the first time
grove creek
that day
cross country
the old team
the feeling i got after racing
the blistering afternoon heat
the canal
the 2009 XC state championship
the rest of the owl city album
hiking the G
science demo
clear creek
being G

in honor of

hiking a top timp for my first time
bruno mars' just the way you are
that day
advanced womens singing fire
extra early out mondays
the feeling i got after a good run
my sweet 16 birthday party
the san francisco trip
wearing the teal scarf
my boots
pleasant grove high school
morning calls
the secret spot

in honor of the way things used to be.

but things change, people change, life it's self changes.
and thats just the way it is.

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