looking back to a year ago
reading daily entries,
i'm astonished.

so many experiences i hadn't lived,
so much life i hadn't yet come to know.

and then a year passed and I lived them all,
i became acquainted with those life moments.
i was there when they were broken, i was there when they felt free.
i was there when they were worried or stressed or wondering what was next.
i was there when they were full of gratitude and hope.

and i loved them.

but now they're gone.
just pen on pages and memories fading.

now i have a new set of experiences to live,
more life to get to know.
and who knows what their names will be 
or what they'll look like.

you see, it's a daily process to become acquainted with life.
each and every day coming to know the moments that build ours.
it's a process that will take a whole lifetime
up to the day of our dying breath
(and it probably won't end there either)

but we will never know what life has in store
until the experience over.

all we will ever know is what we're living now.
all we really have is the moment we're in.

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