picture this.

you're a college student.
it's the day you are celebrating the 19th year of your birth.
it's also the day of your university's homecoming game;
your first college football experience.

you're standing in loose crowd among the stadium seats.
a couple of friends around you start singing the traditional happy birthday song.
soon, random people from all angles are joining in and suddenly,
all attention from a sea of college student's faces fall directly on you.

the singing continues.
you graciously stand and accept the almost humiliating but also flattering notion.
then you notice a particular face walking down the steps of the stadium.
eyes locked on him, both of you have big smiles.
for the remaining seconds of the song, your souls laugh together.

meanwhile, the lights flash on and the cameras start rolling
because the current setting is definitely a scene from a classic collegiate student life film
and for just a moment,
you are the star.

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