some birthday scenes.

(they're not lyin' here folks, true aggie night is a legitimate event 
put on by the university with certificates of verification available)

nothing like over-priced breakfast food at 3 in the morning.

the homecoming parade on main street (the whole city revolves around usu).

cake in the cup form. a birthday necessity.

lunch at one of my ultimate favorite things: a cute downtown cafe.

game time. aggie fever.

a winning game with the second half in the rain. i was barefoot the whole time.

and of course some candle blowin', wish makin' dessert.

I was overwhelmed with all the love and friendship I received on this day,
I am truly blessed with so many good influences and supportive people in my life.
i honestly don't know where i'd be or even who i'd be with out the impact of so many amazing individuals.  
My heart couldn't be more full of gratitude.
it was literally the most eventful, exciting, fun filled birthday.

oh and one more gift i received (along with many more love filled FB surprises):

i don't think i could go on living with out these two.
when i saw this and the other Facebook surprise, i died.
they know my life so well and i love them with all my heart.
hahaha this video is incredible.

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