so we're a pretty good pair.

it was quite the story about how i got placed in the housing i did.
let's just say it consisted of a long summer of being worried and unsure 
plus a change in plans two days prior to move-out date.
so i ended up on the 4th floor with this st george girl;
with in a half hour of moving in and talking to her,
i knew it was where i was suppose to be.

we might look like we could be cousins
and pillow talk keeps us awake till 3 am.

we have too much in common
and relate on a variety levels.
like, we just might be the same person.

i couldn't be more grateful to be rooming with her, 
i'm glad she listens to me ramble on about anything that's on my mind.
she's my sister away from home--always there for me.
i have a feeling this is going to be a good year!

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