me to roommate: "k, we're going to bed early tonight. straight to bed."

that never happened. 

we've spent the past hour and a half 
reminiscing on the times of our dreamy little pieces of heaven.

i sifted through older posts
on this here blog 
all the way back to my very first date with this boy.
his sweet love 
and wonderful influence
entwines through months of memories.

the more and more he's gone,
the more and more i realize 
how great he really was
and how lucky i really am.

it could be very possible 
that i won't meet anyone better for me
in the next 2 years.
wouldn't that be the most incredible thing?
i sure would be thee luckiest girl.

^that was a good day.
the day of our senior prom.
we didn't go together.
but that didn't stop us from sharing
a real conversation and maybe a kiss or two.

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