from eighteen to nineteen.

18 reasons why I loved the past year:

1. being in a completely different stage of life than I was a year ago; making that transition.
2. my senior year of high school. honestly i loved every second.
3. graduating and completing it with zero regrets.
4. reaching so many of my goals and taking advantage of opportunities that came my way.  
5. serving on seminary council, choir council, the Youth Humanities council, and the Viking Mathlete Club board of leadership.
6. being a part of the Miss Pleasant Grove royalty and loving that city with all my heart.
7. racing 13.1 miles in an hour and forty-five minutes.
8. finding and securing the most real and true friendships.
9. witnessing a revolution; seeing so many guys step up and leave on their missions so soon after graduation.
10. feeling the unity of PG's class of 2013.
11. maintaining a 4.0 with 3 AP and 3 CE classes;  having all of my hard work pay off through high school by passing those AP tests; realizing that because of it i don't have to take general's in college.
12. deciding where to attend college and what to major in; making the move and beginning to work towards that degree. 
13. making the most ideal memories.
14. falling in love. 
15. gaining an absolute appreciation for the temple and going often.
16. being called as Relief Society President in the Logan, UT YSA 2nd ward.
17. being stretched and having my faith tested; seeing how fragile people are; beginning to learn the realness of the atonement of Jesus Christ.
18. reaching a step in conversion to the Gospel and growing closer to the Lord than I have ever felt before; feeling His trust in me; desiring to do His will.

19 goals for the coming year:

1. complete my first two semesters of college.
2. study abroad in Europe.
3. continue to support the missionary force.
4. run for miss cache valley/miss usu.
5. add some more kisses to my precious list.
6. live the college life; make some down right awesome memories.
7. while balancing a full schedule of classes and doing well in them.
8. maintain good grades to keep scholarships and earn more for next year.
9. find a preferred source of income.
10. establish myself as a professional photographer.
11. develop myself as an artist.
12. engage in every (or many) opportunities that comes my way; 
have some amazing once-in-a-life-time experiences.
13. continue making new friendships.
14. don't let the distance get in the way of older ones.
15. grow closer to my family.
16. continue to give all my effort to serve the girls in the logan YSA 2nd ward.
17. attend the temple once a week (or four times a month)
18. constantly work to build my testimony and act upon my conversion; to always feel the love of the Savior and the strength from God in my life.
19. live in gratitude.

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