is addicting.

just as most new music on my iPod is. i would recommend looking it up.

usually, every year i have this rule. no christmas music 'till after thanksgiving day.
but since i will not have access to my music library this black friday,
i made room on my bursting Pod for the christmas tunes
and officially loaded them on.

speaking of black friday,
i sure hope Rocksprings, Wyomming's close attempt of a mall has some steals.
thats where i will be scouting out deals on this bargain filled day;
along with the local walmart.

yes, rocksprings wyomming
 is where i'll be spending my thanksgiving.
watching some western wyomming community college basketball.
gotta love the brother who plays for them!

so i'm wishin you all a happy thanksgiving now!

i watched this tonight:

gets me everytime.

i've decided to start a book club. we will read nicholas spark novels.
you can join if you'd like.


  1. I'm heading to the library soon to obtain a Nicholas Sparks book soon.
    I feel like it may cause a lot of stirrings.
    I'm excited.