today was eventful, perhaps you could say.

i took a calulus test. i wore my sick Nike swag shirt. it's dri-fit.
i got a parking ticket just for driving my mom's car.

i attended piano lessons. i stood outside in the cold for some time.
i viewed part 1 of the final episode of the twilight saga. despite it's weirdness, which i was warned of, i enjoyed it. quite much.

me and a great BFFFFFF of mine then proceeded to eat wendy dollar menu items in a parking alot. don't worry, since it was after dark we chose a church building one, just to be not as creep-like.

yeah, i liked today.

oh! and i asked david archuleta to PG's preference dance.
i also got date rejected by david archuleta (because he has previously made plans on December 10)
it was a great moment.

at least i have an autographed autobiography to prove it.
and this photograph:

yeah, i liked today.


  1. Lol!! I love that you asked him, that is awesome! seriously can't believe he turned you down, he is mission out that boy!!! :)

  2. wait he came again!? and i missed it!