dream III.

I dream of spending a summer in small town. 
One where the side walk cracks and from it wild flowers grow.  One with white picket fences and front doors open wide.  Welcoming anyone in because everybody knows everyone.  I'd be there visiting my grandparents.  I'd stay at their ranch house that has a surrounding deck for a porch.  Where I'd sit on a swinging bench and gaze out at the landscape.  Not another house or building insight.  Just open free land.  I'd wear no make-up and bare feet for shoes, along with my hand-me down shorts and t-shirts  that fit like a glove. 
I'd meet a boy.  The only one in town closest to my age.  I'd be shy at first.  But he would make me laugh and feel comfortable in no time.  We'd spend the long summer days together.  Somedays nothing to do but sit on the curb and eat popsicles while watching neighbors walk by with their dogs.  Somedays we'd ride bikes along the dirt trail that leads to the pond where we'd spend all day going swimming.  I'd sit on the sandy shore and soak in the sun.  He'd look at me with that smile of his.  One day we'd go to the town carnival.  We'd eat cotton candy and ride the ferris wheel just in time to see the sunset. 
We'd become inseparable; eachother's best friends.  Finding eachother lost in eachother.  Not wanting it any other way.  So when the summer comes to a sad close and we have to say goodbye, he promises to write me because we agree that this summer was one of many memories;
one we will never forget.

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