today i recieved my first high school yearbook. 
the experience left a bitter-sweet after taste.

  • yearbooks mean the end of a school year.  the close of a chapter in my adolecense story.
  • PG just won't be the same with out the seniors that are graduating. i will miss each of you.
  • change is hard.  especially when you've come to love where your at.  classes, teachers, friends.  it's hard to let go of something you have put so much time and effort into.  when you have come to love it, making a change is like leaving a piece of who you are behind.

  • we have the capability of recalling that piece back to memory at any given time. 
  • that it happened. and we are who we are because of it.
  • change is also exciting! it opens new doors; it brings new opportunity.  to learn new things; to meet new people.  to come to love something new.
  • i can't wait for the memorable times that are ahead.

The end of each school year brings this feeling.  Each year for different reasons.  This time, i just feel like it's taken me my whole life to get to high school (because it has) and now it's already a third over.  i feel it's slipping through my fingers, though its barely getting started.  i can't imagine graduating next week.  thank goodness i'm not a senior.

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