overwhelming, in an exhilarating way.

anticipation.  at this point it could read any where on the globe.  the marker could land on any county, any language, any culture.  and if falls on an island.  just east of the african continent.  the room exclaims.  either for the relief of knowing or the craziness of the location.  i can't find any words.  it's just a tad bit over whelming, in an exhilarating way.  i add my congrats.  i wouldn't have missed it for anything.  i try to wrap my head around it, but my mind only reaches the edge of the same came continent as i.  because only a short time ago thats all it was, in only a short time to come it will all become so insignificant; and the goal becomes set in sight.  one year, your sitting at a lunch table cutting out snowflakes.  the next your on a different continent teaching the truth, and thats when every thing else shrinks.  because that continent and that truth becomes your everything for two years.  let it.  give it all you got.  i know you will.  and you will do it great.  as for me, i'll continue to sit at that lunch table amongst the insignificant.  knowing that you are the one obtaining the greater.  good luck. (:

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