you've always been in the plans.  ever since they began to form.  you've played one of the main roles. you were the reason i looked forward to them.  when i day dreamed about them, you were there.  it's always been that way.  until lately.  lately you've been slowly, ever so slightly, removing yourself from them.  now suddenly, you're no where to be found.  not even a glimpse.  but it's all wrong. the plans are suppose to be put into action.  starting now. 
you're gonna miss your chance.  if you keep fading like this.
i don't know what to believe.  why did i let my self rely on something i thought was so stable only come to find it falling to pieces?  you don't even know how much any contribution effects, or the lack there of.  i don't even know why or how it was able to get to this point.  Lately i've been trying to fill in the gaps.  patching up the holes.  but who am i kidding.  i can't hide it.  the plans won't succeed with out you.  the part that kills me, is i have no idea where you stand.  my thoughts stumble in the darkness when they come upon the subject. 
all they can conclude is this: what ever happened, happened. 
but right now i'm ready for a change. 
now there's only one more piece left, the question: are you?

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