sometimes, war is cruel.

Sometimes, war is cruel.

Soldiers fall broken,
Battle fields lie barren,
and the vastness of defeat lingers.

Sometimes, war is cruel.

The enemy rises in victory
and deserts the emptiness to be dealt with.

Sometimes war does not take place on real land and
Sometimes our own selves become the enemy.

The war with in us, is one of the nastiest.
The struggle to become better because we are not good enough.
The race to become faster because we do not measure up.
The contest to become prettier because we do not compare.

The outside opinions are allowed to persuade
and they are believed to be doctrine.

We try and we attempt,
but yet it never seems to be enough.
Gunshots still echo against the desolation.

Sometimes, war is cruel.

Hopes fall broken,
Dreams lie barren,
and the vastness of defeat remains.

For the war; no one to blame but ourselves.

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