la dee do da.

don't you just love yearbook day? i mean who doesn't. 
everybody that you've come in contact with within the school year writes nice things about you in a book.
it's genius.                      
sometimes it's made up and sometimes it really comes from the heart.
either way, i still believe them. cuz every word i wrote, i meant.
at this moment in time this book is my most prized posession. 
excluding my baby, my camera, which will always be #1 in my heart.
because appartently i have nightmares of it drowning, and i feel my life has ended, until i wake up and a wave of relieved realization washes over me. 
wow that was punny.
but really it was just two full cups of water and one full cup of fanta
spilt all over taco amigo. one after the other. how did he manage that? i'm not quite sure but i havn't laughed that hard since the year of full fledged tears.
which is now a full school year away. we're gonna be juniors.
since when?  wow we're old.
but this summer we will party like crazy.
because all the great teachers i had this year deserve it, for they were really great.
and now i am done with this post.

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