we believe.

Does the journey seem long? we can still be strong
we can make it, we can find what's good
when truth's understood
we believe the promises the Lord makes are true
We believe He'll deliver us from all we go through
we believe and we seek everything lovely and pure
we believe, and we hope, and we will endure
all doubt has come to an end, for God is speaking again
He loves us, He sent us here.  The truth is so clear
we believe in prophets sent down to the earth
we believe God's filling the world with His word
we believe that His power's been given to men
we believe and we know His gospel again
and most of all we know the scriptures are true
the Son of God came down to rescue me and you
believing is the start, to feeling His love in our hearts
we believe in change in new life through His name
we believe in following Him all our days
we believe and have faith that He will change us within
we believe and we know, and we seek Him.

i know all of these words to be true. i am so grateful for experiences like youth conference where my testimony can grow and i can come closer to Him. i love this church, and everything about it. this song is so powerful, especially when a group of 40 youth sing it together and believe what they're singing. you better listen to it or print out the sheet music and play it on the piano. because it's definitely life changing, even if it's only the slightest.

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