hmmm.. i guess every 16 year old goes through what i went through during the early days of being this lovely age. and i guess i didn't realized how much experience, if you would call it, i have gained in these past months. experience that i obtain over the others. i guess i've learned a lot. it doesn't scare me, neither am i worried about it. i trust myself to be cautious. but i'm also in it to have some fun and to have some special moments. i guess i've learned not to think so much about things, and kinda just go with the flow. what ever happens, happens. do what your heart desires, as cheesy as it sounds, it's true. follow your heart. like we said, this is high school. we only have 3 years of it, 1/30 of our lives. 1 year is already gone. so lets not waste any more time. lets not miss any more chances. i would say take the opportunity, if it arises. just know that i'm not someone who gives up on a friendship if i know it's real.
because sometimes friendships are bigger than highschool, so why let highschool get in the way?

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