life is good.

what a great week it's been.
especially when it ended with a bang.
let's just say strawberry days really is
the most wonderful time of the year.
i love carnivals. i love boys who protect me from carnies.
we had a great time.
i also love brothers. and when they take all the siblings
up to salt lake on a secret kids outing, and when we do secret things.
i love being all together again.
but you wanna know who also had a great time? me and her.
and all our FAIL at another night at the carnival. 
where a piece of me died inside.
and then when my best friend, sister, and our princess are in the parade,
it is that much more exciting.
the rodeo that night was so worth the hour and a half
it took to get my rodeo ensemble on.
and afterward was even better.
two birthday boys. $23 worth of shakes. her and her lovely new car.
jammin' in the high school parking lot at an hour of close to midnight.
definitley a highlight.
and then the next day is a whole different story.
it was an eventful day full of events.
two brothers. two talks. the appetizer and the main dish. 
though the appetizer did make me cry. and when i say cry i mean bawl,
the main dish sure was filling. i am stuffed.
and then the house hasn't been that bursting with family in years.
we took pictures. we ate pasta salads.
when i embarked on a different mission. i had the jitters. but the 3 months of top secret paid off big time. we are stoked. it was great time spent. i fit in. and i can't help but feel like there's a lot more
waiting in the future.
i sure hope so.
but it's not over yet.
the other sister's birthday and father's day was still to come.
we all laughed hard. because my dad got an iPod shuffle.
you'd have to know my dad to know why that is so funny.
and now it ends with me documenting it all. how could i not?
it's just been too great.
life is good.

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