this is me being positive.

somedays this is how it goes:
the first step of the 50 minute run seems like you've gone too far already.
and as you fall more and more behind, your breathing keeps wheezing.
but when you finally make it up to the canal you still have a mile or two to go before your only half way through the run.
but just when it seems like it's too hard to keep going. there's a moment. a moment of decision. only you can decide because there is no one else in sight. thats when you realize the scene in front of you is a painting that they make into puzzles.  not many people do what you were just experiencing. especially at this age. how many girls run xc at pg? about five and half. compared to the fifty or sixty on the soccer field this morning? big difference. but thats why you do it. because it's not the norm. it's higher than the average. so in the moment of decision. you decide self-discipline and endurance. you finish feeling good because of it. how was your run? it was hard. but thats why it was good. so from here on out, thats what it's gonna be. endurance till the finish. because that alone is above average. and thats just how i do.

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