the best of luck.

after that episode
i now feel the responsibility to egg Bentley's house
on the behalf of all women in America. 
my mom, sisters, and i are all disgusted by his scam.

mean while,
my dad comes dancin' in.
"i have a new favorite song." 
"oh no."
this was comin' from a guy who listens to Lady Gaga
to get pumped for his marathons.
"it goes: kiss me kiss me de de de de."
we all look at eachother with confused looks.
"i know you guys know it!"
and again he demonstrated the lyrics he remembered.
we still stood clueless.
later when he mentioned it again, it clicked. 
it was none other than the one and only Katy Perry song: E.T.
it's blasting through the computer speakers as i post,
on repeat none the less.
and it's got us all in here dancin'.

Craig, i apologize in advance.
it's become a little different around here since you've been gone.
i'm wishin' you the best of luck.

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