today is a special day for the tucker family.

it was like meeting a celebrity.  before then, he had only exsisted in photographs and letters.  now he was a real person standing in front of me.  while i was playing the role of poparazzi the realization came upon me, and it came hard.  i was starstruck.  and i wasn't anticipating my reaction.  i jumped for a hug and then the tears of shock but also excitement rolled down my cheeks.  it was a special moment. a unique experience. he is finally home, and it's as if he was never gone. 
welcome home Elder J.C. Tucker.  welcome home brother.

the first hug.

 the emotion on my dad's face here, gets to me.

"well done, thou good and faithful servant."
the Heavens must have been saying when i took this
because i did not photoshop that lense flair into the photograph. haha

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  1. It's always way exciting for missionaries to come home! I can't wait for my brother!