the floor is slipping from beneath me.

my whole life i've walked on the same hardwood surface.
until now.
it's being pulled out from under me.
i have no choice but to jump into the unknown
with the uncertainty of where i'll land.
which foreign surface will i catch my footing on?

i don't want to take this leap.
my muscles cramp at the thought.
regardless though, time is ticking.
the edge is approaching.
i don't want to get too close or else
i'll have no choice but to jump.

it makes me want to give
the present a big hug
"don't leave me," i whisper.
"we've grown too close".

the circumstances that surround me.
the life i live.
it's all i've ever known.

change all of that?
how is a human being suppose to handle it?

the edge is approaching.
once i take the last step off this staircase,
i take the first step up the final flight.

i catch a glimpse downward;
then a double take.
an endless winding staircase i've climbed.
it's all i can see.

i turn to face forward again.
the last stretch begins with this next step.

i'm hesitant to take it.
because once i do, it's full speed to the top.

i'm terrified of what i'll find there.

emotions i can't comprehend.
dreams i've only imagined of living.
people i will never forget.

this jump of unknown;
how do we manage?
we don't.
but it comes with force
when the very last step is reached
and we take it.

as strong as our trembling legs
and uncertain trust
can possibly handle.

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