today i read a journal entry from 6th grade. 

  April 4, 2007

that was the day i took the pre-algebra exemption test determining what level of math class should be in for seventh grade.  i was worried and stressed; scared out of my mind to be at a big school like the junior high when i was still only a little sixth grader.  i was the last one in the room finishing the test when i looked up and saw this kid.  he was the other last one in the room too.

ever since that moment we've been through it all together.

today i wrote a journal entry for 11th grade.

  May 9, 2012

today was the day i took the AP calculus exam, the test i've been working towards since that day in seventh grade when i went straight into regular algebra.  i drove to the high school and walked in the same familiar doors.  i found my seat in the cafeteria and was getting situated with my calculator and pencils when i looked up and saw this guy.  the same kid.  he took a seat. 
and we dominated that test, side by side, 5 years later. 

we made that journey, that math journey, together.
from start to finish.

i'd call that a miracle. 
i've been blessed with full-lasting friendships my whole life.

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