my path.

Each person in this world has a story.
a single path where their soul walks along.
they pave it as they go.
each curve or straight edge perfectly in place
to get them where they need to be.

sometimes there comes a circumstance
where two different paths meet.
the necessary route of the paths seem to match.
the souls walk side by side.
for an instance, their paths coincide with eachother.
to progress together.

but after some time of experience and sunshine
there may come a point
where the paths must split.
the paving plans are no longer similar enough
to continue on the same way.

and they diverge.
it may cause pain to the souls;
to seperate and keep moving along
in their different directions.

sharing a path with another soul
can be something so extraordinary
its not easily forgotten or left behind.
it takes strength to continue on alone.

but just as they came together to progress
they must seperate to progress further.

and when they do
the empty space may seem overwhelming at first.
it is too much of a reminder of the sharing.
but as each path keeps paving
the cracks that were left behind
become smoother in time.

and when the soul looks back
it reconciles the importance
of the two paths intersection
and the other soul that joined the walk.

it is able to continue on its own
individual path
to arrive at the constructor's
intended destination
for the soul.

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