i'm weird cause i hate good byes, got misty eyed as they said farewell.

i'm not very good at letting go.
i have a tendency to cling to familarity.

exhibit A)
i keep every thank you note, birthday card, or handwritten item addressed to me that i receive. i have boxes full of them, dating back to first grade.

i keep a variety of random items for sentimental reasons. the collection continues to grow through the years.

i still have all of my notes/hand outs/quizes/tests from the AP geography class i took in 9th grade. just because the memories i have from that class are important to me.

i just archived all of that from my AP calculus class too, for the same reason.

this time of year rips me apart inside. the excitement of summer versus the closing of a school year that i've put so much effort into.

it's hard to say goodbye to teachers and class rooms i've got so acquainted with

the thought of graduating in a year and leaving everything behind is so sad in my mind.

maybe thats why i have the same
best friends, the same hobbies, and the same habits
as i did in elementary school.

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  1. i don't believe that i realized this before. but i feel the exact same way. i keep every single card, note, etc. they clutter my room. and i have kept every single paper from good old AP Geography as well :) including many more. thanks for putting to words what I feel, as well :)