God's lookin' out for me. He knew this time would be extra hard for me. the time of senior year, graduation, it all coming to a close and everyone going separate ways, beginning their own different lives.  He knew it would be hard for me to handle the change, to soak it all, appreciate it for what it was but also be able to move forward and continue with the life He has in store for me.  He's been preparing me for this change.  He's lead me to friendships that can still be significant though this change is coming.  He's given me opportunities to participate in that will allow my focus to be on the exciting future.  He's given me things I know about myself that are concrete and that I can hold fast to through these changing circumstances.  This whole time I didn't realize, but now I see how much He has blessed me.  He has handed me the tools to be able to work through this difficult time.  To be strong and rely on my faith. He tested it before now just to make sure it was strong enough to carry me through.  In order to obtain that life I want in the future I have to go through this change now.  I have to be able to let things go, to move on.  Though that is something that doesn't come easy to me, I've got to.  And because of His blessings and help to this point I can begin to.  I'll be strong enough to graduate from a high school that has grown so dear to my heart and allow it to be tucked away and find something new to replace it.  It will hurt, it does hurt, but how can I desire to be like Christ and not be willing to go through something similar to what He went through?  So that is my focus.  Through all this change I will remember that trials are a part of this life but I can cling to the truths of the gospel and be comforted and receive help and guidance.  And I am grateful for this knowledge at this point in my life.

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