because life is hard; people are fragile.

Tiny flames sparkled, dotting the crowd.
the candlelight illuminated the cold air exhailing from my lungs.
under bright stars, i stood grateful for each breath I took.
the number of tear streaked faces and aching hearts amazed me;
a gathering of
dancers, jocks, vikings, t-wolves,
people i've known since we became people, people i didn't recognize,
coaches, even the principal--human beings alike,
all with one thing in common:
memory of a girl who brightened days and caused laughter.
we stood on daily ground.
only yesterday, innocent and carefree.
making it very impacting and real.
let's promise to never take beautiful moments for granted.
let's promise to always tell the people we care about
how much we do.
and let's promise to never ever forget what we've felt
and what we've learned
and commit to be
more loving,
more considerate,
more compassionate
to family, friends, and even strangers.


  1. "people i've known since we became people, people i didn't recognize"

    I think that's beautiful.