there's somethin about the city that i've fallen for.
and somethin about that building that is very remarkable.
perhaps one day i'll live right in the middle of downtown.
and one day i'll walk around this premises
hand in hand with him, the one and only, him.
and maybe even with a ring on my finger.

but as for today,
my visit was quite enjoyable.

Just as we arrived into the JSM building from the parking garage 
we saw a man walk by.
with a few seconds to process and a double take,
we realized.  We were just in the presence of President Uchtdorf.
we greeted him with a hello and a handshake.
i kept my cool, until we walked away.  Then i frolicked with joy.
Around the corner came two more.
Elder Holland and Elder Cook. with their sweet wives. 
More greetings and handshakes.  (Elder Holland is a jolly fellow!)
oh. my goodness. did that just happen? yep we just met three apostles. 
good thing we got lost trying to find that parking garage.

The Joseph Smith Movie?  incredible.
who knew they updated it and made it 1000000 times more awesome.
i held the tears until the last 7 seconds, when it ties the amazing story of the restoration and early days of the church into the present day.
now. us. me.
I left more dedicated to be a better saint.

the lights were enchanting; the dazzling bulbs twinkling with
what feels like magic.
what a great place to be at this time of year!
i surely felt it.

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