2011: overview.

*music: somewhere between sunsets - April Meservy

started the year off with my best friends. 4 girls. 1 boy.
visited the pleasant grove public library. a lot.
new semester, change in classes.

loving to read and write

martin luther king junior day at los hermanos tradition

st george trip for dad's half marathon

the photo definition(s) :
*music: Indigo - j.wride

no more running

paul cardall concert

j.wride concert

got my drivers utah license!! (it was about time)

photo definition:

kinda the end of this

starting this blog


1920's research project and flapper photoshoot

photo definition(s):

*music: work of art - j.wride
alligator sky - owl city
somebody - lemonade mouth
choir tour

and cali extension with my sister


photo definition:

*music: kaliedoscope heart - sara bareilles
lemonade mouth album

johansen family camp out

failed the AP physics test

graduated sophomore year

photo definition:

*music: all things bright and beautiful - owl city

their graduation

first brother returns home from mission!

youth conference

secret kids outing

started running again

the awaited release

strawberry days

the ultimate gift revealed

girls camp

vivist the roseville california mission/family vacay


photo definition (s):

*music: 21 - adele
when the sun goes down - selena gomez

david archuleta at stadium of fire

cross country summer runs

harry potter marathon

owl city concert

deathly hallows premiere/ poliga-date at IHOP

second brother leaves for mission

photo definiton:

*music: auburn - gospel

my own cross country camp

remodel bedroom/antique shopping

good friend leaves for mission
assist a pro photographer

annual beef cobin trip in park city


family outing in park city

the start of 11th grade

drivin my own car to school

start racing for cross country

photo definition:

*music: unbroken - demi lovato

featured in the september New Era magazine

hiking mt timpanogos traditionally on labor day

so excited for homecoming

my 17th birthday


and party

football games

photo definition:
*music: the brocks - album
this loud morning - david cook

raced 3.1 miles the fastest i ever have in my life. 22 minutes 28 seconds

insides shattered. everything took a shift.

earned my honor bee award (which helped Kim get her medallion)

fall break/deer hunt party

making a new best friend.
our babe relationship "we found love in a hopeless place"

photo definition:
*music: headfirst - jillian edwards

rangely, CO trip to watch craig play ball


racing in a national nike XC race in arizona

thanksgiving break in wyomming

photo definiton:
*music: love on the run - j.wride
mistletoe - justin bieber
christmas - michael buble

first shot at the ACT
choir concerts
a definite reassurance
science fair
christmas break

attending so many good concerts (davids announcement)

becoming friends with new people

a great christmas day

end the year with my best friends. the same 4 girls. we went crazy.
the night went perfectly without worry.
didn't know how it was going to go down
but how it did, i was glad.

photo definition:

it was a great year,
i can't wait to see what 2012 brings.

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