these are a few of my favorite things.

Golden ideal moments.Constant laughing about pricelsess inside jokes.Reliving memories.Creating new ones.Feeling inspired.Capturing light.Sunshine rays.Good friends that have my back.Learning with passion.Harmonizing.Deep talks.Family.Daydreaming.Warm summer nights.Cozy rainy days.Feel good music.Cookies.Clean houses.Making people wonder.Making someones day.Free time.Sunsets and sunrises.Disney movies.Dances.When things make sense.Blasting the music and singing my heart out.A good cry.Feeling accomplished and complete.Growing older.Color.Being happy.Spending quality time.Putting my heart and soul into it.Knowing it's all true.Writing it down.Being recognized.Loving.Feeling.Looking at things differently.Creating.Being together.Smiling.Being in awe. . . Living my life.

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