In an instance.

Everything can change in an instance.  One second the world has endless possibilities and the next it can be so specific, so defined. 
It's like on Christmas morning when a child has still yet to run down the stairs and learn what Santa Clause has brought her.  That last minute on the stairs he could have brought her any thing.  Anything could be awaiting around the corner.  But the moment she walks around it, she knows.  No longer are the possibilites endless but the defined truth is revealed. 
Or it's like a 19 year old opening his mission call.  The moment before the soon-to-be elder opens the envelope he could go any where in the world to serve.  But when he reads the location off the paper out loud.  Everyone knows the specific place he will go.

One moment life can be normal, average.
The next it can be absolutely extraordinary, complete bliss.  Something really special.  And amazing.  And incredible.  And outstanding.  And brilliant.  And enchanting. And flawless.  And beautiful.  And inspiring.  And real.  Leaving one completely speachless and breathless.  With tears rollings down the cheeks.  It's something that cannot be expressed with just the common language but rather felt with emotion from the language of the soul.

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