I dream of spending a day in a summer dress, lying on a picnic blanket on top of a grassy mountain with the horizon of a vast ocean in front of me.
In front of us.
I dream of being with someone I'm crazy about.  Someone I can talk with for hours, on top of that mountain.  Because it does not matter.  There is not a care in the world.  We are the only people on earth.  Or as it feels infront of the horizon of the ocean.  It stretches are far as my eyes can see.  But I see more.  I see my life.  I see my future.
Our future together.
It feels warm.  Warm like the sun's rays that fall across my face, that leaves a sparkle in my eye.  Our eyes meet.  He sees it too.  He feels it as well.  At that instant we know.  We know that this is just the start. 
Our life together is only beginning.

(Bruce de Moose, Golden Gate National recreation area, CA)

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