There are a lot of confusing days.

and a lot of sad days
and a lot of hard days and a lot of mad days
the type of days that just fill you up
and weigh you down.
the days when your heart hurts from emotion.
days when you wonder if you're even on the right track at all.
those confusing days take you straight
to your knees
where the tears begin to fall
but you're not even sure
if anyone is listening at all.

every once in a while
you crawl into bed
at the end of a day and
you realize you're not feeling worried or confused
a bit.
all you can feel is that of a
peaceful day.
glimpses of a bright future
again and you're content, but not anxious,
for whats in store.
that's when you know
you were heard
and your desire to follow has
somehow brought you back to a
peaceful day.
and you appreciate it more than

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