i learned from her.

I was blessed with the best roommate in the universe.

from meeting Megan Frodsham I learned:

that I wasn't the only one who loved the open road.

that thinking and talking deeply about life is the best way to spend late nights.

that having personal integrity and kindness is most important, no matter the circumstance.

that there's a way to express frustration in a non-aggressive way.

that it's okay to plan out blogposts but not letting a blog run your life.

that sharing a room is far better than going to sleep alone in your own room
because it's not so lonely that way.

that starting off a day with laughter is the best way to start a day.

that most of the time frequent dance parties are necessary but scripture reading and homework is too.

what a real powerhouse testimony sounds like.

that our future is so close at hand and soon all our dreaming will become our own realities.

or maybe they already are.  

from meeting her I lived those dreams of freshman year.


  1. How blessed I am to have had Nicole Tucker enter my life to stay for good! What a good year we had in room 404 C&D. This made me cry happy tears, love my roommate tears, sad she isn't in the bed next to mine tears. I love you beautiful girl!

  2. This is so perfect! I love you both so much! You guys have been pretty swell for each other I would say!