moving out and going to college all by myself was a big step.
but when i first hauled all my clothes, bedspread, and dishes up 4 flights of stairs in rich hall last august
i had no idea how much the girls in the building would come to mean to me.
i didn't know that the friendships we'd build and the memories we'd share would 
be so golden it's almost unbelievable in retrospect.

our year was filled with dance parties and late night mcdonalds runs, kitchen/living room chilling and cozy cuddle puddles, meeting new people but always sticking together, ridiculous saved snap chat videos and so many inside jokes.  needless to say, it was crazy amazing and unforgettable.  for me, these girls made it all.  there were so many days i got through because of their warm smiles and laughter. cliche i know, but it's the clear truth.
i owe the most incredible memories to them and what each one of them brought to create our freshman year experience.

my rich 404 girls

my room-roommate, one of the most incredible people i've ever met.
i couldn't be more grateful for her best-friendship, our late night talks, her listening and patient ear, and amazing example to me.  it was a blessing to be able to live with her for 9 months.

my southern cali girl:

some random guy walking by:

the rich hall girls:

family pictures by the fire place: 
named left to right.
amanda: weird aunt, me: older sister, carly: baby of the family, megan frodsham: mom, megan meyer: dad, kalli: middle child, lindsie: the dog

one happy family :)
that experienced the most amazing memories together 

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