here's my schpill.

i'm sorry but,
twitter isn't a journal or somewhere to post life goals,
fitness doesn't come from pinning photos of athletic girls on pinterest,
and instagram accounts are rarely true of what real life looks like.

i'm sorry to say but social media and hollywood skew society's view of reality.

real life is about doing hard things, getting up early and being there on time, consistency, getting knocked down and feeling low, paying a lot of money for tuition, and gas, and groceries, and for a place to live.  It's about patience and waiting, doing what you're told, things not always going your way, fighting internal struggles, learning to be comfortable with yourself, working hard for something you really want, doing things out of your comfort zone, being in pain to feel strong, getting things done.  it's about making it through extreme stress and pressure of a semester of college and finals only to realize you have to start it all over again come three weeks, then four more times after that for the next three years.  real life is a place where granite counter tops are a luxury and so are new clothes and expensive trips.  a place where time to make your life appear perfect on social media is not a necessity.  happiness doesn't come from freedom of responsibility or a prince charming that sweeps you off your feet..  happiness comes as a reward and self-satisfaction in hard work.  happiness comes from gratitude in the daily simple things and the good people that have been placed around you.  but mostly, happiness comes from a relationship with God.

so here i am, ranting about this on nothing other than a form of social media itself.  how appropriate. 
but honestly people, let's try to keep things a bit more real, in all we do.


  1. 3 claps go to Nicole.
    nailed it girl.

  2. This is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiring words!