a sliver.

you're screaming, drowning, helplessly calling.
you feel frustrated, confused.
your thoughts and vision a tangled mess.
your passionate heart stepped on
and stomped upon.
the insides of your cheeks chewed from worry.
you hold your breath,
under your skin is blue and bruised.
weeks of sub-conscience abuse 
rise to the surface.
doubt and giving up come frequently.
nothing can cure.

He allows you to suffer.
as long as you can bare,
He lets you be pushed to your limits,
to the edge of your breaking point,
to where you can't take it any longer.

and then

 He brings peace.

it may come in just a sliver,
sometimes He does it that way.
but it comes--
you feel it shimmer again.
and that sliver may be all that is needed
to lift up your tired eyes
and work up the bravery
to take a little, tiny step in 
the direction of progression.

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