flash of light.

for just one tiny moment in time it all clicks.
there's suddenly a brief instant of knowledge--
a single thought stands ups in your mind
and bares the plain truth.
God is real and He is in our lives.
He's the same God in all the scriptures
and right now
He cares that teenage girls have spiritual experiences
while driving home in their car under the moonlight.
He more than just cares about these moments,
He relies on them.
to reach and to teach the begging spirit
that knows the truth and feels the connection.
He doesn't have very many of these moments
due to the distractions of every day life.
but when the moment does rise,
because we are willing to let him teach,
He embraces it.
so even if the thought is only a glimpse
and the moment slips by 
with barely enough time to register.
it does.
and the soul remembers the simple 
flash of light
so graciously given.

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